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I hope this goes some way to me thinking you for being right there when no one else was… Feel free to put on your website, facebook or wherever you want…

I had the very fortune experience of finding Natalie of Harmonised minds, initially as a marriage counsellor. From the first conversation with Natalie on the phone I could since that she was a very warm, caring, non-judgemental professional. This impression gave me confidence to meet with her as a last attempt to save my marriage. I thought at that time that my marriage failing was the worst thing that could happen to me, how wrong I was.

The problems with my marriage unearthed very serious and life threatening issues that I had been harbouring in secret, unknown to even me for many years. My world came crashing around my ears is how I would describe my personal situation on realisation of this. I was a professional, very fit, healthy guy in my mid-thirties, with a job I loved, a house I could only have dreamed of, a gorgeous wife and three amazing kids, in other words I had it all, or so I thought.

My problems hit me like a freight train and I found myself one Friday night actively planning to end my life, which is probably the hardest thing I have ever written in my life. I arrived at my next meeting with Natalie totally beaten down, lost and of great danger to myself. This is when Natalie really came into her own. I have no idea what she done as my mind still doesn’t really allow me to recall the detail, such was the trauma I suffered. All I can recall was that I knew she was there. I would describe it as going on a journey with her, a journey of self-discovery, a journey on which we ventured many paths, often having to turn back, re-evaluate and try alternative paths. At the start it was just me and her, gradually I opened up to others, found allies in the strangest of places and let downs from others. As the journey continued, Natalie gradually stepped back, having provided me with the necessary tools to find my way on my own. I learned more about myself on this journey than I had ever known, I found out who I was. 

I am very delighted to say that I am now in a place where I can find my own path and follow it with assurance and confidence. Last Sunday I had the bitter sweet experience of Natalie saying I think your good to go now, that my need for her was coming to an end.  I shed a few tears (healthy tears) I was very proud of myself and delighted as it had taken every fibre of my being to get there, I was also a bit gutted as Natalie had been through so much with me and would not be there to see what she helped me achieve. I promised her I will keep in touch with how  am getting on, in the hope that she can take some pride in my future achievements, in the knowledge that without her, there is a very high possibility my journey would be over at this stage, 3 kids with no Dad and so many people devastated by what I had done. How tragic that would have been.

Thank you Natalie